Bild "Runenblut - No Solution For....jpg" RUNENBLUT (GER)
Title: No Solution for your life... just Suicide
Cat.-No.: PEST011
Format: LP
Limitation: - 400 copies on black vinyl / - first 100 copies on splatter vinyl
Release date: 23.07.2007
Status: Sold out! (both versions)
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Description: Harsh Suicidal Black Metal from Bavaria / Germany with killer production. The LP version comes with an A3 poster, printed innersleeve and a bonus track from the mighty IMPALED NAZARENE. The first 100 copies come on splatter vinyl. Get it and cut your fucking arms!!!

1. Fear the Dreams of War
2. Code:Search and Destroy
3. No solution for your life
4. Execution of Jesus Christ
5. The Horned
6. Piss on Christianity
7. The Prophecy
8. Holocaust of Winter
9. At the Grave of my existence
10. Sometimes in the Light
11. The last breath
12. Quasb / The burning (Impaled Nazarene Cover)

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