Bild "Creature - Feindtbild.jpg"CREATURE (GER)
Title: Feindtbild
Cat.-No.: Et03
Format: DigiCD
Limitation: 1000 copies
Release date: 08.11.2008
Status: Sold out!
Samples: In our "Media"-section!

Description: Distributed worldwide through Pestilence Records!! Third assault finally out now!! Varied songs coupled with fast riffings, hateful vocals and speed-drumming. Songs from uncompromising destruction to epic moments, heavy riffs and traditional coldness...!!!

1. Einklang
2. W.I.W
3. Keines Herren Knecht
4. Blasphemia
5. Erlösung
6. Ira-Schalen des Zorns
7. Des Krieges Eisen
8. Twilight
9. World decadence
10. Ausklang

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Bild "Creature - World Decadence TS.jpg"CREATURE (GER)
Title: World Decadence
Cat.-No.: --
Format: T-Shirt
Release date: 08.11.2008
Status: Available ->Buy now!!<-

Description: Distributed worldwide through Pestilence Records!! White/grey print on the front and white/red print on the back!! Front-print: Creature-logo + picture; Back-print: Creature-head + the text "World Decadence" in red; Sizes: M, L, XL

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