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Bild "ater_era_cover_mit_rand.jpg"ATER ERA (SLO)
Title: Beneath Inanimate Grime
Cat.-No.: PEST026
Format: 3-panel-DigiCD
Limitation: 1000 copies
Release date: May 20th, 2013
Status: Available ->Buy now!!<-
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Album teaser:

Description: Their second full length album now to be available through Pestilence Records!
Seven tracks that shall embark you onto a voyage of isolation, depression and dark sensual experiences... A journey where one's profane imagination takes over. ATER ERA deliver a distinctive black metal album, highly influenced by twisted psychedelic aesthetics. This music is laced with high tension and strange atmospheres... it spans deep visions, as well as a self realization of emptiness and despair that surround our horrid modern day society. A tenebrous aura that envelops the listener in its horrifying darkness. This is the manifestation of a new age!
"Beneath Inanimate Grime" largely continues on the primal and atmospheric black metal path ATER ERA had previously trodden with their debut album, but it is definitely a bleaker, more dynamic, and even more extreme work: dissonant noises in each song that evoke the profound sense of loneliness and isolation, rich in intensive drumming, tightly followed by the combination of atmospheric bass lines, alongside a series of thundering riffing, and gritty yet vulnerable vocals.
ATER ERA are poised to set the new standard for European Black Metal and have produced a critical album, ready to stand the test of ages... "Beneath Inanimate Grime"!
Comes in a lush 3-panel-digipack format incl. 12-pages booklet, brilliant artwork, and an amazing production, lim. to 1000 copies!!!!

1. Death of the Bell Ringer
2. Drifts of Dead Ground
3. My Beast My Age
4. Drowning in the Depths
5. To Shatter Limbs
6. Sors Est Quid Sumus
7. Tormented in Limbo

Reviews: t.b.a.

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Bild "Flagellum Dei - Order of the Obscure_mit Rand.jpg"FLAGELLUM DEI (POR)
Title: Order of the Obscure
Cat.-No.: PEST023
Format: CD
Limitation: 1000 copies
Release date: December 12th, 2011
Status: Available ->Buy now!!<-
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Description: Existing since 1997, Portuguese Scourge of the God-Son, FLAGELLUM DEI, lash out once again from the Infernal Abyss breaking their 4 year silence! "Order of the Obscure" is this Black Metal torture squad's 3rd full length beating after 14 years of tormenting the christian flock! FLAGELLUM DEI deliver nothing less than pure Damnation with these 9 tracks of violent Black Metal whip-strikes and morbid artwork from the infamous BlackDeathSign! The "Order of the Obscure" demands Christ be flayed and broken! For The Hordes of: MARDUK, ABSU, RAVENCULT, URGEHAL, & SETHERIAL. Uber-Limited CD/T-Shirt/Patch bundles available for only the most obscure warriors through the Pestilence Records Mailorder exclusively! First 33 cd-units come incl. free logo-patch of the band!!

1. Intro (Instrumental)
2. Conjures Fire
3. Inferno Em Mim
4. Order of the Obscure
5. Necropolis
6. Ossadas
7. From the Dark Light...
8. Black Metal Blood
9. Sacrificial Whore

Reviews: Hateful Metal; Sheol Magazine; BlackMetalReviews; Todeslaut BM Webzine; Orthodox Black Metal; XXL-Rock

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Bild "Amystery - All Hail the Cult DigiCD.jpg"AMYSTERY (GER)
Title: All Hail the Cult
Cat.-No.: PEST020
Format: lim. DigiCD
Limitation: 1000 copies
Release date: March 8th, 2010
Status: Available ->Buy now!!<-
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Description: The third Earth shattering storm of hateful Black Metal malevolence has come to cleanse weakness from your very soul! Germany's AMYSTERY deliver ice cold blasts of raw Satanic fury on their third opus, "All Hail the Cult"! Those familiar with the cult of AMYSTERY will revel in this frostbitten 50-minute masterpiece of pure Black Metal holocaust and the uninitiated will consumed by 7 tracks overflowing with unbridaled hatred for Jesus Christ! Keeping with the traditions of the early Norse masters of the genre, AMYSTERY are as raw and frozen as ever, but the production found on "All Hail The Cult" is more powerful than ever! "All Hail the Cult" (lim. 1000) comes packaged as a lush noble digipack incl. 8-pages-booklet, and the first 50 true Satanic Cultists of AMYSTERY will receive an ultra limited patch to adorn your armor! Also, PESTILENCE RECORDS will be offering special T-shirts (lim. to 99), Longsleeves (lim. to 33) and a shirt-package (lim. to 50, including the new DigiCD, the t-shirt and the band-patch!!) to appease the true Elite! The Infernal Kindoms Rise for the third time and the inhabitants of heaven tremble in fear!! First 50 copies come incl. free band-patch!! All DigiCD´s come incl. 8-pages-booklet!! Total playing time: Around 50 min.!

1. Arrival of the Prophets
2. All Hail the Cult
3. Dark Aura
4. Back from the Tomb
5. Gazing Shades in Broken Glass
6. The Sacrifice
7. Infernal Kingdoms Rise

Reviews: Hateful Metal; Metal Glory Magazine; Evilized Magazine; Totenruf Magazin

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Bild "Typhus - Grand Molesters.jpg"TYPHUS (US)
Title: Grand Molesters of the Holy Trinity
Cat.-No.: PEST018
Format: CD
Limitation: 1000 copies
Release date: December 25th, 2010
Status: Available ->Buy now!!<-
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Description: TYPHUS, the most Blasphemous band on earth, finally, after more than 5(!) years, return with their long-awaited second full-length-album and most fierce release ever! TYPHUS, once again, conjure ancient spirits of unholy blasphemy to sodomize the holy ghost and those who follow the feeble christian philosophy. TYPHUS spew forth another vile depraved blasphemous mockery of the one called Jehovah. "GRAND MOLESTERS OF THE HOLY TRINITY" will be the perfect follow up to "PROFOUND BLASPHEMOUS PROCLAMATION". The band continue their Luciferic journey towards the gates of hell attacking he who rides above the clouds yet once again. Proving their sincerity and complete devotion to the war against religion. TYPHUS are determined to enslave the human race within the three dimensional world of materialism creating slaves to worship our master Satan... Bow down to the U.S. Black Metal Elite! True Enlightenment for those who understand! Disgusting and Blasphemous to all others!! Comes incl. 16-pages-booklet!! Total playing time: 52:11 min.!
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to all True Satanic Worshippers out there!!

1. In the Image of Our Master
2. We Burn Your Churches to the Ground
3. Smear the Blood Upon the Pentagram
4. Triumvirate of Incest, Lust and Greed
5. My Throne in the Kingdom of Hell
6. Bound by Satanic Decree
7. Black Spells of Satanic Witchcraft
8. Baptizing Flames of Satan
9. Fuck Your God!

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Bild "Nazarene Dec - Demonic Inq.jpg"NAZARENE DECOMPOSING (GER)
Title: Demonic Inquisition
Cat.-No.: PEST017
Format: CD
Limitation: 1000 copies
Release date: July 20th, 2009
Status: Available ->Buy now!!<-
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Description: A Black Storm of Pure Unadulterated Evil is brewing in the German skies... and that Storm is NAZARENE DECOMPOSING! Not since the late 90's masterworks of MARDUK has anyone been able to spew forth such a blast of Black Metal fury! The band's first official debut comes in the ritual form of "Demonic Inqusition", a ten track Black Mass to bring Jesus to his knees!  From the heavy machine gun blast beats, to the Christcrushing guitar work, and vokills that scream into the night to summon the Unholy Hordes, NAZARENE DECOMPOSING leave no Christian without terror after unleashing the "Demonic Inquisition"! This is only the first phase of Satanic Victory! Be warned! NAZARENE DECOMPOSING perform the Satanic Gospels that frenzy the Demonic Legions! "Demonic Inquisition" is the Satanic Black Metal conjuration that will tear heaven apart! First 50 copies come incl. free band-patch!! All CD´s come incl. 12-pages-booklet & band-poster!!

1. A.S.M.T.S.
2. Demonic Legion
3. Nazarene Decomposing Pt. II
4. End of All Lies
5. Speak this Evil Words
6. Walk the Satanic Way
7. Fuck Christianity
8. Under the Sign of Pentagram
9. Honourfull times
10. Death Comes as release

Reviews:;; Hateful Metal Magazine; Sheol Magazine

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Bild "Lost Life - Wrecked Human Deathcult.jpg"LOST LIFE (GER)
Title: Wrecked Human Deathcult
Cat.-No.: PEST015
Format: CD
Limitation: 1000 copies
Release date: November 24th, 2008
Status: Available ->Buy now!!<-
Samples: In our "Media"-section!

Description: It's a German Black Metal Suicide!! LOST LIFE bring the razors with their latest release, "WRECKED HUMAN DEATHCULT"! This time Nephesus (vocalist of AMYSTERY) takes us on a complete downward deathtrip into depression and the darkside of human emotion... LOST LIFE is the loaded gun in the mouth of humanity! Manic Depressives who count their final hours with classics from SHINING, BURZUM, or BETHLEHEM will surely end their exsistence with "WRECKED HUMAN DEATHCULT"! Featuring a new live line-up, this overdose is 8 tracks of supreme suicide inducing Black Metal, including a cover of SILENCER's "Death, Pierce Me"! No wrist shall remain un-slit!! First 100 copies come incl. free Lost Life logo patch!!!

1. Atrocious Pleasure
2. Der Fluch
3. Deathcult
4. Swallowed by Darkness
5. Narben
6. Genocide
7. Black Dust
8. Death, Pierce Me (Silencer-cover)

Reviews: Metal Glory Magazine; Sheol Magazine

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Bild "Mort - Raw and Cold.jpg"MORT (GER)
Title: Raw & Cold
Cat.-No.: PEST014
Format: CD
Limitation: 1000 copies
Release date: June 30th, 2008
Status: Available ->Buy now!!<-
Samples: In our "Media"-section!

Description: Venomous Frankonian Black Metal returns to swallow your soul!  Germany's MORT unleashes their third full length sonic assault upon the underground, "Raw & Cold"!  Taking the best of the early 90's influence and twisting it to Hell with Frankonian wrath, MORT have summoned forth their most mature and Christ-Crushing incantations to date!!  "Raw & Cold" is MORT's first release with the complete live line-up, and features three bible burning bonus live tracks for a taste of the band's sick live ritual!!  This ain't your weak commercial Black Metal, MORT is "RAW & COLD", MOTHERFUCKER!

1. Prolog
2. Raw & Cold
3. The Glorious Devastation
4. Witchcraft - We Commence the Incantation
5. Kingdom of Wrath
6. Baphomet - Seelenvater
7. Damnation
8. Cold Funeral Winds
9. Reign in Hate (Live in Schweinfurt, 14.04.2007)
10. Rise My Inner Demon (Live in Schweinfurt, 14.04.2007)
11. Morbid Realms (Live in Schweinfurt, 14.04.2007)

Reviews: Metal Inside; Hateful Metal; Amboss Magazine

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Bild "Amystery-GrimSatanicBlessing.jpg"AMYSTERY (GER)
Title: Grim Satanic Blessing
Cat.-No.: PEST012
Format: CD
Limitation: 1000 copies
Release date: March 17th, 2008
Status: Sold out!
Samples: In our "Media"-section!

Description: Underground Black Metal's best kept secret, AMYSTERY, are poised to strike another blow to to weak commercial trends!! Their second Unholy assault, 'GRIM SATANIC BLESSING' is an ice cold tribute to the pioneering Satanic artists of 90's, forsaking the pretty fanfare for cult, melancholic, Satanic hatred and unbridled dark expression!! Fans of the early art of Darkthrone and Burzum will surely worship this masterwork of Satanic hateful hymns! Incl. 8-pages-booklet!

1. Introduction
2. Nailed
3. Awake The Dead
4. Unholy Breed
5. No Sign of Life
6. Otherside  
7. Crushed And Burnt
8. Hypocritical Christianity  

Review: Hateful Metal Magazine

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Bild "Amystery - Extermination.jpg"AMYSTERY (GER)
Title: Extermination, followed by cryptic Silence
Cat.-No.: PEST010
Format: CD
Limitation: 1000 copies
Release date: April 2nd, 2007
Status: Sold out!
Samples: In our "Media"-section!

Description: Great debut full length album ! 7 tracks of Pure Underground Black Metal from Southern Germany with a total playing time of 41:55 min.

1. Voices from the Crypts
2. Deep in the Abyss of a tortured Soul
3. Metamorphose
4. Shade Realm
5. Thy Spiral
6. Praised Darkness  
7. Icy Kingdom

Reviews: Hateful Metal Magazine; Metal Glory Magazine; Sheol Magazine; Amboss Magazine

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Bild "Barastir - Battlehymns of hate.jpg"BARASTIR (GER)
Title: Battlehymns of Hate
Cat.-No.: PEST008
Format: CD
Limitation: 1000 copies
Release date: January 22nd, 2007
Status: Sold out!
Samples: In our "Media"-section!

Description: Debut full length album. 9 tracks of raw and misanthropic, pure and intolerant Satanic Black Metal from the depths of the Thuringian forests. BARASTIR stands for the true hate in men, violence and pure blasphemy. With Taaken from the mighty ODAL playing the guitars, but with quite a different sound: the guitars here are bassy and cavernous, smooth with murky, finely-grained distortion, drowning in reverb, fast and slow, and with a very nostalgic and Germanic sound. Well illustrated with attractive artwork, printed on high-quality hammered paper.

1. The Fight goes on
2. Barastir
3. Kampf den Religionen
4. Wild Satanic Race
5. Soldier of Satan
6. Revenge
7. Silence before Attack
8. Symphony of Hate
9. Into the Battle

Reviews: Hateful Metal Magazine; Amboss Magazine

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Bild "Dark Legions - Satanic Destroyer.jpg"DARK LEGIONS (SWE)
Title: Satänic Deströyer
Cat.-No.: PEST006
Format: CD
Limitation: 1000 copies
Release date: July 24th, 2006
Status: Sold out!
Samples: In our "Media"-section!

Description: Satänic Thräsh Metal the way the founding fathers of the genre intended it! Don´t be fooled by “Retro Old-School” imitators... The past is TRULY alive!!! With guest musicians: Kutcheck Gorealis, Hell Mike Motorbike, Erik Blodyx, Taaken,  Nicke Johansson, Jonas Isacsson, Göran Norman!

1. The Devil´s Mark
2. Pentagram
3. Nailed to the Cross
4. Band your head with the Dead
5. Venom (We´ll drink tonight)
6. Other Side of Life
7. Sons of Hell
8. The Sleep
9. Hell Mary (A love song)
10. Summon the Witch
+ 2 bonus tracks

Review: Metalspheres Webzine

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Bild "Mort - The Denial Of Christ.jpg"MORT (GER)
Title: The Denial of Christ
Cat.-No.: PEST005
Format: CD
Limitation: 500 copies!
Release date: March 20th, 2006
Status: Sold out!
Samples: In our "Media"-section!

Description: After two amazing demos and the great first longplayer “Godless Dominion”, KVALTAR from MORT strikes back with another christ-crushing BLACK METAL-Storm from Germany. Ultra-cold, grim and raw BLACK METAL in the vein of the early 90´s bands. This is the 4th strike of KVALTAR´S solo-project. Hail the Black Metal Cult!!

1. Prolog
2. The Denial of Jesus Christ
3. Primitive Blood
4. None
5. Abyss
6. Spill my blood
7. For all evil
8. Rise of the Emperor
9. Proud old man

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Bild "MorT - Godless Dominion CD.jpg"MORT (GER)
Title: Godless Dominion
Cat.-No.: PEST002
Format: CD
Limitation: 1000 copies
Release date: July 26th, 2004
Status: Sold out!
Samples: In our "Media"-section!

Description: 10 songs of True Frankonian Black Metal Art!!!

1. Prolog
2. Godless Dominion
3. Stormride
4. Morbid Realms
5. Reign in Hate
6. Rise, my inner demon
7. Frankonian Wrath
8. An Unsilent Storm
9. While Heaven Burns
10. Land of frozen tears (Ungod)

Review: Myrrthronth

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