Bild "Thore - Revenge Cd-R.jpg"THORE (GER)
Title: Revenge
Cat.-No.: PEST003
Format: CD-R
Limitation: 150 copies
Release date: 16.08.2004
Status: Sold out!
Samples: In our "Media"-section!

Description: Blackened Viking Metal from Germany. This release is limited to 150 handnumbered copies only!!

1. From Northern Lights We Rise
2. Of Black Rain And Frost
3. Under The Black Sign Of Hell
4. Dethrone His Weak Embrace
5. Revenge

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Bild "Mort - Frankonian Wrath Cd-R.jpg"MORT (GER)
Title: Frankonian Wrath
Cat.-No.: PEST001
Format: CD-R
Limitation: --
Release date: July 2003
Status: Available ->Buy now!!<-

Description: Frankonian Underground Black Metal!!

1. Frankonian Wrath
2. Rise, my inner demon
3. Infernal Battles

Reviews: Myrrthronth

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